The Importance of the Palette

Recently, I’ve found myself pretty frustrated with one of my pieces. I’ve already painted and scraped about ten different layers off this painting and am really not sure where to go with this. Up to this point in the semester, however, I have been able to crank out paintings pretty quickly. So last class I was wondering why this particular piece has been giving me so much trouble, and I think I’ve figured out why: I am not giving my palette nearly as much attention as I’m giving the canvas. While I’m always careful about my color choices, it seems as though with this painting I’ve been less focused on it, and that is why my painting is not coming along as quickly as I want to. I guess my advice for painting majors is to really make sure to spend a lot of time mixing the colors on your palette. Generally, at least for me, the more time I carefully plan out and mix my colors on the palette, the quicker I am able to configure my painting.

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