Finding Creativity On Campus

I just can’t seem to stay away from creative activities on campus. Since Marywood is a small school there are many opportunities to get involved in a variety of leadership roles and clubs. Besides being a Where Creativity Works blogger and Arts Administration major, I am President of Zeta Omicron, Resident Assistant in the first year residence hall, Leader of 4:12 for Women faith group, and recently led a service trip to West Virginia to work with Habitat for Humanity. Lucky for me each of these awesome activities I am involved in also have creative aspects in their job descriptions. What can I say, I can’t help being involved and keeping my creative juices flowing!

Service Bulletin Board As an RA in Loughran Hall, my job description includes handling just about anything you can think of on a college campus and more. I promise I’m not exaggerating!

I attend weekly staff meetings, hold monthly meetings, meet with my supervisor bi-weekly, complete weekly and monthly paper work, hold 10-12 programs a semester, fulfill duty rounds about twice a week, be a disciplinary and mediator when necessary, create bulletin boards once a month, and create door tags every other month. (And that’s just the fun stuff!)

RA Bulletin Board for MayOne of my favorite parts of being an RA is the creative aspect of the job. To break up all the administrative duties with fun tasks like decorating a bulletin board is a blessing! Here are some examples of bulletin boards I’ve created as an RA.

End of the Year Bulletin Board 2014 The role as a Resident Assistant has been such a great opportunity at Marywood. I’ve made lifelong friends and developed a skill set that is marketable to employers in the future. If you have any interest in becoming a Resident Assistant in college, you should definitely pursue it! As you can tell being an RA and an art major go hand in hand!


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