The Last Hoorah

As this semester starts fly by, the Seniors of Marywood begin to showcase their works one last time on campus. On April 16th from 2-4PM in the Mahady Gallery, The Senior Art Exhibition will be showcased through May 1st, 2016.

This show happens every year, and is never a let down. You get to really see how artists have grown throughout their four years here, and it is interesting and astounding to see how far they have come. Works will be shown from various types of mediums including design, illustration, photography, clay, metal, oils, acrylic, charcoal and ink.

There will be 47 featured artists who will be graduating in May with their bachelor in fine arts from Illustration, Graphic Design, Art Therapy, Painting, Art Education, and Photography. All showcasing their work and the techniques that we are taught everyday, while displaying their individual creative ideas.

If you can, definitely try to get out there and see this show! Who knows, these artists may be famous some day and you could be one of few to say you witnessed their incredible artwork firsthand.

ART EDUCATION: Samantha L. Ziemba

ART THERAPY: Amber E. Baab, Heather Carr, Deanna Ellenberger, Tyler N. Fitchet, Noël Flynn, Kaitlin C. Frey, Lydia R. Fulton, Kellyann Kolanda, Julie C. Kowalski, Sabrina Laytos, Megan Lillie, Emily C. McElwain, Kristie McNeill, Samantha J. Meck, Julia C. Meeker, Katherine Rubbe, Francesca Russo, Abigail E. Saint, Kristen Sampson, Kristen E. Schreiber, Ashley Smith, Amanda J. Snody, Deanna L. Spak, and Alyssa M. Wood

GRAPHIC DESIGN: David C. Bonomo, Maxwell V. Drake, Laura E. Drapek, Allyson L. Hawk, Jennifer Hinkley, Meghan R. McClarey, Caitlin R. Metzger, Casey N. Peckio, Maria T. Ryle, Amber A. Sharkey, and Allison N. Warner

IlLLUSTRATION: Eric J. Bussart, Gillian Jeffords, Kwangbum Lee, Cassidy Lesoine, Deanna Szabo, Rebecca L. Vagnarelli, and Zachary Yahn

PAINTING: Lorianne Zarra

PHOTOGRAPHY: Joanna F. Carrier, Edward R. Griffith, and Parker Reinecker

Featured image courtesy of Maria Ryle, Graphic Design major

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