Philadelphia Love

This weekend I was lucky enough to go on our Student Activities free day to Philadelphia. Although it snowed and rained all day, I still really enjoyed the city and it’s art and design influences. Philadelphia is a great place to feel creative! It has many great museums like the Institute of Contemporary Art and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Both of these museums are added to my list of must see for next time I go! I chose to fight the weather and walk around the city. Many of the buildings have beautiful murals and there are many sculptures throughout the center of the city.

The city was beautiful! The food was even better! The best thing to do when the weather is bad is eat a lot of course. My friends and I had lunch at Honeygrow: an organic stir-fry restaurant. Honeygrow was very contemporary and it had great design and branding. I always get so excited when I go somewhere that uses awesome design to enhance their business. So I ate my delicious noodles and looked at every wall, napkin, and container that was putting designers to good use.

Honeygrow used a lot of natural colors and minimalistic, clean design. To order, they had screens that took you through the steps, but in a very sleek way. The containers had descriptions and logos for the restaurant. Even the napkins were custom made to support the brand. I really enjoy these moments created by a designer who knows how important it is to have a clear contemporary brand, especially in a big city like Philadelphia.

So here are some photos of how Honeygrow used design to enhance their brand, and a shot of their delicious food too! Yum!

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