The Little Things

After spending a nice, summer weekend up in New York, I went to a tiny cafe and found myself surrounded with so many little motivations! Whether it was a small quote book at the table, a famous saying painted on the wall, or a cup of flowers, this cafe gave all of the good vibes it could. It was the perfect place to de-stress and relax with some good food and coffee.

At each table were placed these small books (each table had a different one) full of brief, inspirational sayings. While drinking a nice cup of coffee, paging through these sayings really was the perfect way to start the day. Each saying was different, but all gave the same overall message. These reassurances put me in the present and allowed me to know that I was supposed to be there at that exact moment and that everything was going the way it was supposed to go. It was nice to thoroughly read sayings to keep me going and set the good mood that would last the entire day.   IMG_0008

These books were not the only thing to give the good vibes! The calming color of the walls were accompanied by motivational sayings painted throughout the cafe. In case you didn’t want to read through the book in front of you, just lift up your head and you were still inspired! The combination of soothing music, home-y color, and reassuring quotes brought me more in touch with myself and I was ready for whatever the day had to bring me!


P.S. the tasty food and great coffee were really good bonuses to the whole experience!

Featured Image: Bathroom Decor

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