With Flowers in her Hair.

What’s up everybody!? Hope this summer is kicking off for everyone. I am surely enjoying my summer. I cracked out my watercolors a few days ago and created some cute illustrations I want to share with you.

Anyone who knows me, knows I always use floral or flower inspiration. With a messy bun in my hair I felt that I had to incorporate both.

Here are the illustrations I made:

I decided to illustrate a girl’s hair as flowers and do the front and back of her. I based them off of a sketch I did on a recent plane ride. Another inspiration I had was the two quotes:

“With grace in her heart, and flowers in her hair”


Which is a really beautiful quote. I also used the illustrations to make some stickers on Redbubble, be sure to check them out.

“With love in her eyes, and flowers in her hair.”


I just love the way these turned out. I used watercolor and ink to create the illustrations. I look forward to doing some more watercolor work soon.

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