The Louvre

Last week I talked about how I went to Paris and how it was absolutely amazing. It was definitely the most wonderful I have ever done. I have never been outside the country before and it was actually my first time on an airplane ever. Unfortunately I am so sick since I have come back and I have not made any art at all since I am back. So this week I will talk about how unreal the Louvre Museum was! I have heard to the Louvre before but I never realized that it used to be the Royal palace. I think someone could get lost in there for days and no one would ever find them haha. On the trip, we went with professor Mark Webber, and he was our tour guide throughout the museums. He showed us so much in the Louvre, and I have never seen so many famous paintings in my life.


It was so busy inside the Louvre when we went because it was a gloomy day outside so everyone was inside the Museum. I got to see the Mona Lisa, and to be honest I was not so impressed. It was much smaller than I ever expected. It also did not help that there was a herd of people in from of it so I could not get a nice picture or even a good view of it in general. I found a lot more art that I was impressed by more than the Mona Lisa. I got some nice pictures, but most of them a blurry because of snapping them while people were all around you, but as least I have the memories!

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