The Newport Car Museum

Last week, I went on a family vacation to Newport, Rhode Island. Although there were many cool sights and museums, I’m deciding to do a blog post about the Newport Car Museum. Some might not think of this as a typical “art” or “design” post, but the owner considers each car an individual work of art, in addition to the layout of the museum being specifically designed according to how the cars should be viewed. They are not driven at all and are purely in the museum for display and learning purposes. Here, we saw about 90 different cars from vintage 1950s Cadillacs to 2010s Teslas and Corvettes. According to one of the curators, all of the cars in this huge warehouse totaled a worth of about $40 million, which were purposely displayed on modern white platforms and separate rooms based on the model or era they were from. I obviously can’t fit all of the pictures from my visit, but I can highlight some of my favorites from each gallery. The way this particular museum was laid out and organized in such a modern way was interesting, and I especially enjoyed seeing all of the different colors and details on the cars depending on the trends at the time.

These are some of my favorites, just because of the overall style and color of the car. There were a lot of other older, more classic vehicles, but I guess one of the things I learned there is that I like the new, contemporary, modern cars better. If only they let me drive off doing zero to sixty in 2.8 seconds in that lime-green Lamborghini… 

As the graphic design blogger, you know I had to include these photos. What better way to wrap up a post than with some logo appreciation? 

Whether you’re an enthusiast or just a casual viewer of cars and have an appreciation for different types of art, then I would definitely recommend paying a visit to the Newport Car Museum.


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