Hey everyone, for my final day in Maryland this past weekend, I drove into Baltimore for the first time. It was a really nice day, very sunny and just warm enough to park my car and walk around. The night before I had researched art museums in the city and I found the Walters Art Museum which houses mostly 18th and 19th century art.

When going through the Museum’s website, I found a web page concerning the reparations of the Missal of St. Francis ( and how it was now on display. I also found that the Museum has completely digitized the Missal ( and immediately decided to check the exhibition out.

The Missal (shown above) is a decent size and as stated, “is open to one of three pages St. Francis is believed to have consulted”. Surrounding the Missal on the other four walls are more works of art and illuminated scripts highlighting the lives of not only Saint Francis (shown below) but of Saint Clare and Saint Anthony as well. For both religious and non-religious folk alike, this exhibit is really cool to walk through and personally gave me chills to think I was looking at the writing of Saint Francis of Assisi.

As always, I strongly encourage you all to check out the exhibition out if you can. With Marywood’s spring break coming up, this could be a perfect opportunity to drive to Maryland for a few days and go to Annapolis or to Baltimore. There’s a ton to do in either city so you don’t have to just look at art the entire time (though that is what I prefer to do!). I hope you all have a great week and are enjoying your first few days of March!

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