The Wrapping Challenge

“On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me…”

Although we won’t be seen giving our loved ones “7 swans A-swimming” or “8 maids A-milking” we do give them other types of gifts. Sometimes it’s new shoes or gifts cards to some favorite stores or, in the case of many crafty college students, a heartfelt handmade gift for the “5 golden ring” budget you don’t have. No matter how many gifts we decide to give this season they all have one thing in common; they have to be wrapped.

Bows, paper, and tape, oh my! The wrapping process can be super long and not enjoyable for many people in fear of possible paper cuts and people who cannot keep afloat while drowning in the pile of gifts that need to be wrapped. However, there is a way to make this process enjoyable by being creative! You can have fun with wrapping presents by making these gifts your next creative projects. The more creative you get with your wrapping, the more you are able to enjoy it! 

Some ways to be creative while wrapping are:

The Hand-Made Bow

Have a ton of awkward wrapping scraps? Make a handmade gift bow out of them! Tie in some of the wrapping paper you used to wrap your gift to connect everything together while adding in some fun colorful accents by using different wrapping paper. Everyone loves that homemade personalized gift! It’s the cherry to top off the ice cream or in this case the bow to top the present!

Specialized Gift Wrapping For That Person With the Birthday That’s Awkwardly Close to Christmas

present half wrapped in Christmas paper and half wrapped in Birthday paper

We all have that one person whose Birthday is pretty close to Christmas. Who knows if you will be able to see this person in between both occasions for proper a proper gift giving time frame. I wrapped this gift for a good friend who has a Birthday that is close to Christmas but probably won’t be able to see for both occasions. You just do a little bit of Birthday wrapping and Christmas wrapping and bam! You’ve got a budget saving gift that is also good for a laugh!

Make a Statement

Christmas gift with wrapped water bottle with ribbon coming out of the top

Get super creative with your gift wrapping! You can even hint at the type of gift you are giving by the way you wrap it. This gift is for my dad. Although the clothes are wrapped traditionally I decided to wrap the water bottle I am giving him in a way where the ribbon looks like water being squirted out. Make your wrapped gift an art statement!

Be creative and have fun with this! Put on your favorite Christmas Pandora station and make a day out of gift wrapping! And then the best part will be when you give your gift! Cause who doesn’t love the gift of giving?

Are you up for the wrapping challenge?

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 

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