A Letter to my High School Self

I can’t believe that in just under two weeks, 2015 will be over. I also can’t believe that in three semesters, I will have my BFA. Wasn’t I just a senior in high school, like many of you prospective Marywood students reading this? Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was preparing my portfolio and sitting through endless financial aid sessions?

I’ve also been cleaning my room this week while I’m home on break, and discovered endless high school acrylic paintings and photos in my closet. It’s really neat to see how far college has taken me and my art skills, and my winter cleanout turned quite nostalgic fast. It made me think about everything I learned and what I wish I would have known in high school. So if I were to go back in time to meet 18-year-old Katlynn, here’s what I would say:

Dear Katlynn,

Congrats! You are almost done with high school and moving on to the big bad college world. It’s really not so scary once you get used to it. You are going to face many awkward and challenging moments, but trust me, they are good for you.

Let’s see, some words of advice…well for starters don’t buy all of those cheesy “Class of 2013” souvenirs. Once you go to college you will never use them again. Never create a logo in Photoshop, Illustrator is always a better choice. Savor all of that money in your bank account, because you will have to part with it very soon. Don’t be discouraged by that one BFA program denial letter. Not everyone is going to like your work, and that’s okay. Focus on the acceptance letters and be happy. Which also reminds me, don’t sweat that 82 on your Trig test, even though all your friends got 95’s. Don’t take what that mean girl at school said about you behind your back personally. Just focus on your art and your happiness. And stop putting drop shadows behind everything.

I also know that May 1st is approaching fast, and you need to make a college decision. I know Marywood is your top choice, and while I highly recommend you follow through on that be patient with your parents as they sort out all the financial and nitty gritty details first. You will thank them for that later. Also remember that once you get to college, nobody cares about your class rank or SAT scores. Doing good on those is important, but don’t go crazy. I know it feels like the only way to be well-regarded at your high school is to go to an ivy league and take 10 AP classes, but remember that there is much more to life and you will succeed during and after high school. I guarantee it.*

Love, Katlynn

*Don’t tell anyone I told you this, or else you might cause a disruption in the space-time continuum. That’s right – your Back to the Future obsession doesn’t go away.

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