Hand Lettering

“The Work you do While you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life” —Jessica Hische

This past semester at school in my history of graphic design class and my interactive design class we looked at a fairly young designer and illustrator by the name of Jessica Hische. Before learning more about her I knew of her and I recognized her work because it was very distinct. After watching a video about her and her design work and learning how she came about as a designer I have recently been very interested in learning about hand lettering. Hand lettering is the type of art work that she does.

As a designer or an artist it is very important to make a name for yourself to get your work out in the real world. Well Jessica did that by doing a drop cap letter project, called Daily Drop Cap, where she would hand letter a different drop cap everyday. They are amazing to look at because of all the different ideas that she had and has today. She is famous for her hand lettering and using her talent in advertising for Starbucks, book covers, posters and many more.

I would consider Jessica for me as an inspiration. The quote in the beginning of this  blog is from Jessica Hische and it’s probably one of my favorites from her. I do love working with type on the computer but I really want to learn to do more typography and maybe even try some hand lettering with pen and paper!

To check out her amazing work visit: Jessica Hische Website and Daily Drop Cap

Featured Image http://jessicahische.is/feelingsogifty

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