Turn Around

I watched this video, https://www.facebook.com/natgeotvUS/videos/10153617771436005/?pnref=story,  a few days ago and I personally think everyone should take a look at it. As a future art educator it really made me happy!

When you really think about it, everything comes and goes in life but art lasts forever. Yes, it changes and often too, but it is always improving and expanding based on past artists and their works. The art world is an amazing and growing place. Art is not just “pretty paintings and drawings” or “crafty” things, there is so much more than you think!

Any sort of art allows individuals to think for themselves, they are the artist and they are the ones in control of what they are producing. Personally I feel we are not taught to think for ourselves at times and art is the perfect escape from that. Being an individual who can think for their own self is an individual who can personally make a better impact in society, and allowing creativity is what is needed in order for this to happen. Creativity truly allows anyone to think freely and open mindedly.

The arts also create a great deal of appreciation. I feel art history especially allows for this. After my first art history course, I can honestly say I never felt so appreciative of anything. Learning about the Renaissance era was especially moving. If you take that era out of the art world, where would art be? That was the leading era of all the great and wonderful pieces we know of today and continue to work upon and attempt to improve. This era introduced both linear and atmospheric perspective, which is still taught today! Not only do I feel appreciative of the Renaissance era but of all of the art movements because I know learning about them really can and does help me improve personally.

Also, appreciating others’ works can help an individual to see the world in a different perspective which is that important aspect of being open minded. Everyone sees things in different fashions but that does not necessarily mean that specific person is wrong or even right. As human beings I think it is important to see every perspective, it helps to shape an individual and helps to respect others. No one is the same, we are all different in our own way and it is important to realize that and to understand that.

The arts are the leading “advertiser” of culture. Art is made all over the world, in every city, every town, and every country. I feel it is only natural to be inspired by where a person comes from. This allows us to see the world from all perspectives and gain an understanding of what is like. For me, art makes me want to visit every where! I feel travel is a key aspect in life. It is just another way to open your mind and see the world in another perspective and especially learn for yourself.

I have such a strong feeling inside me that really does believe art especially in schools is going to have such a great turn around, I am happy to see others touching upon this topic and speaking out. No matter what happens I am going to continue to believe this and continue to learn in order to spread my knowledge among everyone!


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