Third Thursday

This month I had the opportunity to work with the staff for Third Thursday in Allentown. At the beginning of the night I thought I was pretty prepared only to find out I was wrong.

This month we had a drum circle of twenty people play in one of the galleries and I set up twenty chairs. Well, those chairs filled up very quick and I ended up getting another thirty more chairs. It was insane on how many people their was. Then, I also had to make sure these chairs and the people who were standing were a certain distance from the artwork. Although it was pretty hectic, everyone who came was understanding, they even helped me clean up afterwards which surprised me. Everyone had such a great time.

The drum circle was amazing but after an hour of listening so loud drumming I felt like my head was going to explode. In the end I really enjoyed interacting with everyone and seeing the drum circle.

There was also Frame 37. This was the third in a series of conversations on photography with photographers Theo Anderson, Ed Eckstein and Luke Wynne and photo historian Chris Karfakis. I listened to them while the drum circle was at intermission and I came in when this picture was being showed.
Photo by Frame 37It made me laugh especially since I just came in with no context of what was happening. This photo was taken for the election and all their photo are all on film. I wish I had my notebook and pen with me so I could of took more information in.

I am really happy I got to experience Third Thursday at Allentown Art Museum.

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