Thumbnailing: What Cool Kids Do

Hello everyone! Hope you’re settling into classes well! No? That’s ok, neither am I!

Organizing so many supplies and projects can really make it hard for you to get a grasp of your assignments. I’m sure though, that in many of your art classes, you have been asked to start thumbnailing for your first project! It can be exciting and daunting, and just exactly what is it? Not to mention, if you have your idea down already, why the heck do you need it?

Well, sorry, I hate to say it, I’m all for thumbnailing!

Thumbnailing involves you making small images on paper, sketchbook or printer paper doesn’t matter! The images are the size of your thumb (Duh), and they help you get rid of your first ideas! (Aka: Read my doodle post!) First ideas are the things that make you think you have the best idea in the world, and then Joseph who sits three seats away from you ends up having the same idea and it throws you off. You want to get past those first ideas, and really think creatively!

Thumbnails are also important because, let’s say your idea really is the first and only of it’s kind, no one has ever done it before, do you think that layout is the best option? Or would you like to play with the positions of the characters in the piece? Or maybe figure out where the lighting is supposed to come from? Where are your cast shadows going to lay?

Oh yeah, you use thumbnailing for that too!

Let’s say you have a client that doesn’t know what they want? (Clients are known for that) Thumbnails! Need ideas for what color combinations you can use to get the right atmosphere? Color thumbnails!

So in summation, vote for thumbnails in your next elections, or if you don’t want them as your local representative, just give them a shot in your next illustration! It won’t hurt to try! You’ll thank me for it later!

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