Time Management

Time Management is probably one of the most important things not only with design but with anything you do. There will be times at school and at work that time management will be very useful and rewarding at the end. Deadlines are important and when you are working for a company and at school you need to pay close attention to them. This is when time management comes into play, especially in design because you want to create your best work in all the projects that you make and you want to make sure that you have enough time.

In terms of college classes and projects, I try to think of different ideas as soon as I get the assignment. Then I do some research on what my idea requires. After the research I start to sketch out my different ideas and try to narrow it down to what I think will look the best. Right now in two of my classes we have started new projects and already I have thought of a few ideas, done my research, sketched them out. The next step is to talk to my professors about my ideas and then to start on the computer. Can’t wait to see the results of my projects!

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