Trying To Sell My Artwork On RedBubble

Hello everyone! This week’s blog is going to be about how I am trying to sell my artwork on RedBubble. I wanted to give it a shot because there is no harm in trying to get yourself out there. So far, I have one piece up and it’s something that my dad wanted me to make for him so he could buy it as a shirt, coaster, and plenty of other items. My dad’s father made this piece way back in the day and my dad wanted me to recreate it and put my own twist on it. It’s a beach scene with a colorful sunset in the background with some palm trees and vivid floral grass. I decided as my little twist I would add an umbrella with a beach chair underneath it. I titled this piece ‘Tropical Relaxation’. So, I’m going to see how it goes and hopeful it will go somewhere and if it doesn’t at least I tried something new!

beach shirt design

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