Yearly challenge

Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a great start to the semester! This year I started posting a photograph a day. I tried this for the past couple years and never made it that far, but I changed my process a little it this year. Since I did this, I have high hopes of it working!

The changes I made this year include:
1. Taking a group of photographs when I’m out. This is so I’ll still have a stock pile of photographs to post even if I can’t get outside and take photographs daily.
2. I gave myself a hashtag under the advisement of a past professor. #pensak365
3.I also have a set reminder to go off on my phone everyday to make sure I post the photograph!

So far these changes have been working! And I’m so happy that they have been. By doing this I’m hoping to reach more people with the photos that I’m taking by sharing them on both my Facebook and Instagram pages for Brianna Pensak Photography.

Here are some of the photographs I’ve posted this year!

That’s all for this week! Stay safe and Healthy! I’ll talk to you all next time!

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