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Hello everyone! Last week I took a visit to Brown Hill Farms in Tunkhannock, PA. Their farm is currently showcasing their tulip fields! Initially, people were going to be allowed to walk through the fields and take photos, but because of the current pandemic the owners had to think of another way for people to see their flowers. They ended up creating paths for people to drive their cars through, so that no one would miss out on the experience.

While I was there I took as many photos as I could from the seat of our car. There were tulips of all different colors and just so many of them! Here are a few photos that I took while visiting!

I was very inspired by the little colorful flowers, so I decided to take one of the photos that I took that day, and use it as a reference for a piece of artwork. This is the photos that I started with:

I started by creating a rough sketch that would be the foundation of my artwork. For my piece I didn’t want to make a 1 on 1 copy of the original image, instead I used my photo as a more loose reference. Here is the my sketch, as you can see it was a bit messy, but as long as I could put down some guidelines for what I wanted my final to look like, it was good enough for me!

As you can see, the hill the tulips are on, the tulips themselves, and the trees, were similar to the original image, but there were also many things added as well! I opted to add a sun with some sun beams just as a personal touch as I add this sort of thing to many of my artworks.

When my sketch was finished I began to color my piece, one again sticking with some of the colors featured in the original and adding others in as well. Whenever I create an artwork using a reference photo I decide at first how true to the image I want to be. In this case many things were added. I think it is so cool how as artists we can alter the things that we see in order to create a something new.

Finished! I added colors over my sketch using paint makers, a medium that I really have really fallen in love with in the past year.

Looking at my final artwork you can see that some things were included from my original sketch, and other things were removed. This tends to happen a lot when you go through the process of making a piece of artwork. As you begin to work on something, some things may not work how you originally envisioned them, and just aren’t needed in the final piece.

If you are lacking inspiration I definitely suggest going out and seeing what’s around you! You never know what little things may inspire your next big artwork.

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