Turning Weaknesses into Strengths

Everyone who is an artist has strengths and weaknesses. As we grow older and learn more about our specific field and natural talents, we learn how to make our strengths even better and how to improve on our weaknesses to hopefully make them a strength.

I realized that one of my huge weaknesses is drawing proportions, especially human figure proportions, which is said to be one of the more difficult proportions to master. But some artists have a gift and they understand the proportions and can draw them beautifully. I first realized this weaknesses when I stepped into my first figure drawing class freshman year at Marywood University. This was my first ever figure drawing class.

Now, a couple years later, through the classes that I have taken here at Marywood University, my proportions have improved. I would not consider them a strength yet but I am working on it! In order to keep up with the proportions this summer I did little mini fashion designs to work on proportions in a smaller scale. I have gotten a little better from doing a couple of them. Plus, it was something fun and different to try!

To fix your weaknesses, remember ‘practice, practice, practice’ is the best way to get better!

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