Two Down, Two To Go 

A couple of posts ago I talked about a piece that I was working on that will come together as a whole. Two of the element pieces are done and I can’t wait to get the last two done soon. The last two pieces will be done in glass and then all I’ll have to do is make a base to keep them standing up. This is probably one of the most difficult projects I’ve ever done because each part has to line up with each other to make the sphere. Also the semester is coming to an end and I feel like I didn’t get to do everything that I wanted to do.

The green piece, which represents earth, is made from clay. It was raku glazed and fired. I love raku because it leaves a metallic finish on the glazed piece and it looks amazing. I’ve written about doing a raku firing before in First Ceramics Class: Part 2. It showed the process of raku and how the glaze gets its metallic finish from the reduction during the firing.

I’ve also finished the bronze piece which represents fire. I love doing bronze pieces but they are a lot of work to clean up after it’s been poured. Trying to get all that extra metal off is a pain but the finished piece is worth it. I’ve also showed my first bronze pouring in a post, The Bronze Experience. I got to actually pour the bronze that time but not this last pouring. I can’t wait to finish this project and talk about the final piece!

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