Typography Day

For my Graphic Design II class, we just finished up our second project of the year. We had to create a poster for Typography Day, which is a contest that will be held on March 1st through 3rd, 2018 at the Sir JJ Institute of Applied Art in Mumbai, India. People from all over the world can enter online, and each year there is a different theme that has to do with typography. This is the eleventh time the event will be going on, and the theme for this upcoming contest is “Beauty, Form, and Function in Typography”. After exploring many different ideas, this is the final product I came up with.

red lips made up of text

I tried to keep my design simple, while still incorporating all three parts of the theme.


I incorporated beauty through my feminine color palette and by using the lipstick marks. Makeup is often associated with beauty so it was one of the ideas that stuck out in my head most.


I incorporated form with the shapes of the lips as well as the letterforms. The lips have a more organic shape while the repeated word, typography, has a geometric quality to it. I also like the contrast between the organized letters versus the random layout of the lips.


I then incorporated function in the overall concept of the design. My idea behind it was that lips are used for communication and the words that make up the lips are like the words we speak. It may be a bit of a stretch, but when I think of function the words action and purpose come to mind and I believe lips do an action and have a purpose so it makes sense to me.

Overall I was pretty pleased with my design. My classmates and I find out in March 2018 if our designs will be picked or not, which seems like a long time from now, but it’ll come up sooner than we think. The whole idea of Typography Day seems really cool to me, and now that I know it is going on I’ll be able to submit works to it every year!

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