A Journey Around Lackawanna

This weekend my dad took me to the different lakes and small rivers that run through Lackawanna. My dad lives here and grew up here so he knows every lake and river around. It also isn’t a trip with my dad unless I get at least ten stories of his childhood at each place we passed. But if it wasn’t for him I don’t think I would have been able to find the places where he took me.

I am still currently extending my landscape project for my Color Photography II class this semester. I believe that the quality of my landscape photography is beginning to get better. I can start to see which photographs are not going to work before I even take the photograph. If I can extend that ability, I believe that my photography will be better than I would ever believe.

This time around I was able to pick out more photographs that are visually interesting than I was last week. Now if my professor thinks they are visually interesting is a completely different story! Though I hope he thinks so because I like a lot of the photographs that I took this weekend and the stories that I got behind some of the places makes them even more interesting to me.

While taking these photographs, I used my polarizing filter on my lens. This filter works really well with landscape photography. The filter helps produce richer colors and is able to get rid of any type of glare or haze. It also works really well with taking photographs of water. Since the filter is able to eliminate the natural glare that is on water you are able to see through the water like it’s glass. I took a few photographs that incorporates water and the effect that the filter gives the photograph is amazing. I am so glad that invested into a polarized filter!

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