University Museums

10 hours 11 minutes later we were finally in Michigan to start our family vacation. Now 10 hours in a car is exhausting so of course we made a half way point stop at Penn State University! And fortunately on campus they were having an Arts Festival! So I was able to walk through the campus and look at all these different pieces of art work that artists have created and were selling. Some examples of what they had were ceramic bowls, quilts, wind chimes, paintings and so many more.

Our next and final stop was Ann Arbor where the University of Michigan is. We are huge Michigan fans in my household. So it was pretty cool to be on campus. While walking around campus I was able to stop into the museum that they have. It was called UMMA which stood for University of Michigan Museum of Art. They had a lot of older paintings, sculptures, and statues from different cultures. One of the artists named Julian Schnabel and he did some pretty cool artwork that consisted of him breaking plates and bowls and making them into portraits that took up entire walls. Unfortunately I could not take a picture but they were awesome to look at and very creative. One of the other galleries was the Photography gallery and the photographer that had his show up took amazing pictures of close up newspapers, or paper. Looking at the detail that he captured was amazing. Some of the other art galleries and cultures that I saw were Chinese art, African art, South, Southeast, Central Asian art and Japanese art. And finally there was a huge sculpture piece outside the museum that was made of steel by Mark di Suvero. It was so big and sturdy that I was able to sit and stand on the part that acted like a swing. Here is a picture of me standing on the piece of art work in front of the museum. Looking at the different cultures was inspiring to know that they are focused on something different in there specific culture. 


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