100 Days Later….

A few months ago, I posted about the 100 Day Project I participated in where creatives all over the world have been sharing their daily work via social media for 100 days. This year’s project began in April and ended on July 14th. Therefore, my #100daysofads project is now complete! There were many times within the 100 days where I fell behind or got stuck for a day, but I am glad I stuck it out and finished on time. It was a very cool experience and it taught me the importance of sharing my work with others, even if I only had rough concept sketches to share. A little bit of creativity each day can go a long way. If I ever get the chance I would love to put one of my ad concepts into production because it would be a unique portfolio piece!

The 100 Day Project was like a daily treadmill run for your brain. Our brains need exercise just like the rest of our bodies, and it is easy to forget that. As an added bonus, with the benefits of hashtags, each participant was able to look at each other’s work and give friendly feedback and support. I started following a few artists on Instagram because I loved the work they did, and some of them “liked” and commented on my work too! In the spirit of the project, I’d like to give a shoutout to some of these artists and you can check them out for yourselves too!

1) Chris Cureton’s #100DaysOfSymbolizingGreatness
2) E. Matthews & C. Vanko’s #100thingsthatshoulddie
3) Gretchen Wustrack’s #100DaysofInputsAndOutputs

Moral of the story? Do something creative for 100 days straight. You’ll probably be pleased with the results.

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