This past week, I have somewhat stuck with the same concept as the flame thrower illustration. Using felt pen and crayons to create an accurate depiction of a figure, I then outline the entire drawing in a good color that would both compliment and force it to stand out.

Untitled 6

This illustration of my younger brother netting a trout is the most like the previous ones. The line work, accurately, but rough, following the angles and shadows of the figure. The colors are close to reality, only slightly more vibrant.

Below, depicting Sean Connery as James Bond, I used my crayons more than the pen. I tried to add a hint of blue to the tuxedo which would work together with the yellow and orange glow surrounding the figure; also found in the reflection of his sunglasses.

Untitled 1

The last drawing is of a salmon. I used a ballpoint pen to switch things up and used different spaced strokes to create a darker or lighter shade, all traveling in the same direction. I roughly colored in the background with a black Sharpie. I like the result and might try doing more fish in the future.

Untitled 7

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