Waffles & Spaghetti

A while back there was a book I read called “Guys are Waffles and Girls are Spaghetti” by Chad Eastham. I know that by the title of the book it would seem as if it was for children, but it is not. Its actually a book for teenagers, but I think it has a very interesting concept behind it.

It was probably one of the most interesting books I have ever read because the author used waffles and spaghetti to explain how the differences in how men and women process information and how it is stored. For instance, men’s brains are like waffles because all the information they retain is compartmentalized just like a waffle has little boxes. Everything has it own spot and they do not overlap very well. Women’s brains are like spaghetti in the sense everything overlaps and is mingled together. Everything relates to everything else in some way and different categories run together seamlessly.

Well, going into art therapy, I absolutely love reading books like this because I feel like it is such an artistic way to look at the brain. Sometimes when I think of things and relate them it is in a weird way, just like waffles and spaghetti, and that is why I love this book. Ever since I read this book I always relate back to it because it made so much sense to me, that when I learn about different studies, it helps me relate better.

I feel like artistic people have a very unique way of explaining difficult concepts to make it easy to understand. I just think that as I am going into art therapy that I am going to need to think outside the box like this author when it comes to working with people, so I not only get a better understanding of things, but so do they.

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