Waiting for the Show

Due to my senior show being in the progress of setting up, it is safe to say that I will be showing my finished pieces within the next two weeks. I am super excited to see them all fancied-up ready for the public and I am excited to show them to all of you as well. While we wait, I want to speak about my other art classes and the projects that I have been working on.

The two other art classes that I am in, which I have mentioned at other times, are conceptual design and art therapy internship. Throughout this semester, my conceptual design class has consisted of many little projects based on literature themes such as, allegory, humor, symbols, figure ground, metaphor, anthropomorphism, etc. The three most recent projects that I have done are figure ground reversal, anthropomorphism, and golden mean.

Creating a figure ground image was super fun to create because it pushed me to use the computer as a medium instead of a traditional source. I am not usually a computer artist because it is not something I am most interested in, but with this project it allowed me to learn a little more about how to use it. I used Adobe Illustrator, and I learned a lot. I have not used Adobe Illustrator until this project and I enjoyed figuring out how to create organic shapes and make a pattern out of it. I ended up creating an organic shape that looks sort of like an animal, maybe a dog or fish and I had a lot of fun.

In regards to anthropomorphism, I had a few different ideas. The purpose of this project was to take a nonhuman thing and have it do some form of human action. The top two ideas that I had created were frogs in surgery and weights, weight lifting. Like the figure ground project, I enjoyed this one as well because I had a fun time drawing everything out and giving things life. Finally, for the golden mean project, I had to create an image along the golden mean form. This form can be found everywhere in life, however this project was a bit more difficult for me. I struggled coming up with an idea but I eventually came up with a lantern on a tree with lightning bugs flying around it. I did enjoy drawing this project but it was most definitely difficult.

In addition to my conceptual design projects, my art therapy internship class is doing a community project based on the safety of women. So far we have created a flier to allow students in the community to participate in the creation of our art piece. Inevitable, out piece is the silhouette of a woman holding a purse that will eventually be covered, with the help of the students, with images of safety precautions that women take to stay safe like flashlights, mase, tasers, etc. along with print outs of article that explain to women on how to be safe and some include situations in which women were harmed and not safe in society. Once we are finished with the project, we will hang it on a wall in the Learning Commons on Marywood’s campus. I am extremely excited to see how this project will turn out when it is finished!

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