Ghost Chandelier

It has been a while, but Halloween and school have kept me busy. A couple weeks ago I came across a post on Instagram of a ghost Halloween craft that I wanted to try. By making a ton of mini ghosts, you can connect them using clear string to the ceiling or some kind of base that can be attached to the ceiling. You will then have some cute hanging ghosts. I can’t find the original post, but the craft has been posted many times, and this is how I made mine.

I started with a broken down cardboard box as a flat table that I had then stuck toothpicks in, just enough that they were secure and standing upright. I then took aluminum foil and rolled it into equally shaped balls that I connected to the tops of each toothpick. I used these as the bases to form the ghosts.

I then mixed one part white, non-toxic, craft glue (like Elmer’s) with one part water to thin out the glue. I then cut out circles from a white fabric to use as the ghosts. You could also use toilet paper or any other kind of white fabric material. I chose to use clothing fabric for strength. With these circles, I dipped them in my glue mixture, making sure the fabric was completely coated, and then squeezed out the excess.

Once coated, I found the center of the circle and draped it over one of the aluminum and toothpick bases, which helped the fabric take the shape of a ghost. After doing these steps multiple times, I allowed them all to dry overnight.

Once dry, I carefully removed the ghosts from their bases. The fabric should still be very malleable but will keep its shape. Once they were all removed, I began to draw on their ghost faces with a Sharpie pen.
For the top base that will be secured to the ceiling, I bought a plastic cobweb door wreath from Dollar Tree, you’ve probably seen them around. To connect the ghosts to it, I used a fishing line.

You could connect it to the ceiling however you like, I did it the most complicated way that I won’t even try to explain because I might rip my own head off. Just know I used a screw-hook and hope and dreams.

Once it is all assembled, you should have a beautiful and cute Ghost Chandelier.

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