Lucky Three

This past weekend three galleries were opened to the public! Each were held in the respective galleries on campus. All of these exhibits are ongoing through Friday, December 15, 2023, 5pm.

2023 Senior Exhibition: BFA & BA

The senior exhibit this fall, located in the Mahady Gallery, demonstrated the talent of this semester’s graduating class. There was a range of mediums from ceramics and painting to digital and traditional methods. One of my favorite sections was by Cae Brown. Brown is an art therapy major with a preference for painting. The pieces they included range from social commentary, to self portraits, to studies from life. Their dynamic use of color allows for vibrant paintings that the viewer can feel the tone of.

Contemporary Art: Land Use[d]

This exhibition in the Maslow Gallery is a collection of photos, paintings, and various mediums. The goal of this exhibit is to emphasize the connection between the human experience and the planet. This environmentally conscious exhibit features work from multiple artists, including Andy Warhol.

Matt Catanzaro: Face Reality

Matt Catanzaro is a Marywood alumni featuring his work in the Suraci Gallery. His work is a cross of surrealism and expressionism. These works are uniquely grotesque with a wonderful understanding of color. Catanzaro parodies his subjects in this collection from holidays. 

If you have any spare time I recommend checking out these exhibits! They are entirely free to the public and offer a glimpse into artists both new and old.

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