Watercolor and Wonder: Shrines

Hello everyone! This Saturday was the opening day of several gallery exhibits on campus. I went to the gallery opening of “Watercolor and Wonder: Shrines” by Mary Billingsley and it was a great experience. The exhibit is in the Mahady Gallery in the Shield Center for the Arts. The exhibit will be open through October 5 to October 31.

Mary Billingsley

The art created by Mrs. Billingsley is amazing. I was able to interview her and I was able to gain a new appreciation for watercolor painting. All of her artwork in the series in the Mahady Gallery is done in Gouache. Gouache is an opaque form of watercolor. The series is a way for Mrs. Billingsley to show her spiritual side through art.

All of the paintings have a religious theme and focus on a passage from the Bible or a saint. The paintings are a shrine to that particular religious theme. Before Mrs. Billingsley started creating this series she was working on creating wall hangings made of fabric. Her inspiration for this series came from the significance of Christmas and the wonderful figures of Christmas.

When she starts a painting, she first creates a still life to use as inspiration and reference. Her paintings contain props that she finds in stores, sometimes family and friends give her props, and sometimes she builds the props herself. Each painting starts off with a line drawing and Mrs. Billingsley works on the painting all at once. The finished product is amazing.

Props used in paintings

I am inspired by her artwork and I really appreciate how each painting contains symbolism to religious themes. Each painting has a personality and it shows in the topic of each painting.  I invite everyone to come and see the artwork of Mary Billingsley. You will be amazed just like I am.

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