Watercolor Dabbling

I am in no way a painter, no matter what kind of paint I play with my work always turns into a muddled mess of browns and greens, that does not stop me from appreciating works made by others though. If anything my love for paintings seems to skyrocket each time I dabble in the medium because it is always interesting to see how the paints work with one another.

That being said, while home for the summer I decided to talk to my best friend about her artwork and paintings, seeing as she is the one who is responsible for my love for art (in a way she introduced me to all kinds of arts).

She has not been able to try all kinds of medium but when I brought up painting she pulled out a stack of paintings she had made and I was blown away by the works, even as she said they were painted from reference, which does nothing to lessen how beautiful her work was.

I decided to ask her a few questions that had popped into mind while I admired the pieces.


Had you worked with watercolors before?
Officially, yes. It was my first time, aside from preschool and kindergarten,using watercolors and learning how to work with them.

What do you think the strengths and weaknesses of watercolors are?
The strengths are that you are able to create realistic looking pieces, as well as fantastical ones. The colors blend much smoother, compared to other paint mediums, such as acrylics. The weaknesses are how easy is for the colors to mix together and become a muddled mess, having to use a much finer stroke because messing up is so easy.

Is there anything you wish you had done differently with your paintings?
I wish I had taken more time to work on the perspectives, especially for the train painting. I also wish I had waited longer for the paint to dry before I went in to work on the next part.

What is your final opinion on watercolors? Would you use them again as a medium of choice?
It is a great medium to work with, it’s fun to use and you learn how to access a new level of patience with it. It’s also a great type of paint for young kids to work with, but it’s definitely tricky to master. I definitely want to further my experience with watercolors and challenge myself so I can more adept at using the medium.




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