Weekend Crafts

This weekend my best friend, Amanda, and I decided to do some crafts. AC Moore had these really cute wood caged birds so I bought them instantly along with a wood cardinal for my mom. They weren’t that hard to paint but still frustrated me because I did not know what colors to paint them at first. Plus, the dots around the cage were a huge pain. I honestly really love how they turned out and want to get more especially since college students get 15% off all sale and regular prices, which is amazing!

Then, Amanda had the idea of us painting letter A’s for each other for the dorm. So we found these white wood A’s that light up and they are so perfect. I painted one for her while she painted one for me. It was a bit difficult due to the lights being in the way but we managed. She made my A sparkle, literally. Her idea for my A was to go off of my wall design with all the triangles. I, on the other hand, went with a more calming picture with a bird silhouette. With the lights on it looks like stars or even fire flies. They look amazing in our room.

This week I start my work study job at the art galleries! I am very excited to start and to help out with openings. Even though this is a simple job and I only work a few hours a week I think it will be really good for me. When it’s not busy I can get some work done and when it is I learn new things either about the art we are hanging or even how to hang art in the right order. Its going to be a good week.

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