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Last week in my blog post I wrote about my trip to West Virginia and the inspiration from roadside brochures. This week I will continue to talk about West Virginia, but about my photography there. I have finally edited all my photos and am ready to share!

West Virginia has many waterfalls, so we planned out which ones we had to go to. Douglas falls, Blackwater Falls State Park, and Babcock State Park are the three places we went to with waterfalls. Another prime photography spot that we stopped at was Summersville Lake.

The weekend we went the weather was full of sun and beautiful, but not perfect weather for waterfall photography. The perfect time for waterfall photography is sunset or sunrise and on overcast days. It was tricky, at first, to get decent exposures, but in the end I made it work in my edits. Luckily most of the locations we went to were in the afternoon so clouds started to block the sun, which lowers the contrast for a much better exposure. I got lucky a few times with that! With all of the water photographs I either did a fast shutter speed or used a tripod or flat surface with a slow shutter for movement.

My favorite part about the photos below was all the editing. I do not have Photoshop or Lightroom on my desktop, but i do have the Adobe Lightroom app on my phone. It became a little tedious to upload all of my photos to my drive and select the potentials to edit, but I am pleased with the end results. The Lightroom app is not as advanced as the software but for what I wanted it got the job done. I adjusted exposures, contrast, and white balance in all the photos and the app did a wonderful job. 

Douglas Falls

Blackwater Falls State Park

Summersville Lake

Babcock State Park

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