What I Got for Christmas

Yes, Christmas is over, but I didn’t get a chance to talk about the amazing present that I got! Last week I finally finished my painting so I had to share the finished piece. This week I wanted to talk about a sticker maker that my sister got me.

Sticker makers come in a lot of different styles and sizes but the one I got is simple which I love. I secretly have a sticker obsession and this gift only fueled it. I can take any picture that I print out and roll it through this machine to make it into a sticker. I’ve made a few as part of an extra Christmas present for my boyfriend. But now I want to do more. I would like to go and print out some family pictures at the store and make those into repositionable stickers. My sister didn’t just get me the regular permanent sticker cartridge. She also got me a cartridge that I can use to make stickers that I can remove and put somewhere else. So now I can decorate my dorm when school starts and not have to worry about damaging the walls. Now that I’ve written this post I have a strange urge to go make more stickers….

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