Nursery Murals

Hi guys! I hope everyone’s break is going well. Unfortunately I still don’t have any ceramics topics to write about, but I found something art related!

So within the past two/ three years, my cousins who area all about ten years older than I am, have been starting their families and having babies! With that being said, I have somehow become the family nursery mural painter! So far I have done two large trees in separate nurseries, and it looks as if I’ll be doing another mural of sorts in the near future with two new babies on the way!

Painting on walls is quite fun, but also intimidating. I mean, this is someones house, it’s not just a canvas you can throw away! I also typically use small cans of wall paint which can get pretty expensive, so messing up isn’t always an option. I also have a smaller range of colors to work with because of how expensive these cans of paint are.

Nursery MuralsThe first mural I did was a large birch tree that stretched to the ceiling of the room. For this mural I also painted “carved” hearts into the tree with the babies initials. The next mural I did was this past summer, and it was a large cherry blossom tree. This one was particularly fun to do! For my next mural it seems like I’ll be imitating a wall paper design of large flowers all over one wall of another nursery. I truly enjoy these projects and I love that my baby cousins will grow up knowing I helped create the awesomeness in their rooms!

cherry blossom tree muralmural

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