Fresh New Start!

For starters, Happy New Year my friends!!! I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays! This past year has definitely been something for the books but I am very happy for this fresh new start. However, I am even more happy and excited that I am starting my year off by going to one of my new favorite spots, Daytona Beach, Florida. I first went in May of last year and fell completely in love!

My last visit was quite adventurous but this visit I plan for some relaxation and peace. The biggest thing I want to do when I go is to paint, paint, and well you guessed it paint! And, just like a few of the great French Impressionist painters, I want to paint en plein air, paint in the outdoors. Florida is filled with beautiful scenery and I want to record that scenery on my canvases. I am planning to return with hopefully some really beautiful and inspiring pieces of art!

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