What I Love, Hate, and Learned 

Last week I said I would have the painting I’m doing for a commission done but it didn’t happen. Instead I wanted to talk about my experience with my Painting I Class. It’s been a year since I’ve taken the class but I still use what I’ve learned. I love painting but I didn’t really enjoy the class like I hoped I would. I HATE oil paint it’s messy and it takes forever to dry. Also the colors blend together too easily. I know most people love oil paint but I’ll always stick to acrylic paint.

I feel that working with the oil paint and the struggle I had with it made me a stronger painter. I feel this way because it made it easier to work with acrylic. I also looked at color and shapes differently. The way I compose my paintings changed completely when I finished the class. My Painting I Class has bettered me as an artist. The class was worth it because I never thought as a sculptor I would be painting so much.

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