What the Font!

I have learned to take my font choice seriously. The font used in a design can determine the whole feel of the design. The way I look at it is that every font has a personality. They have something they want to say or a point they want to get across.

Last semester I had a typography class. I knew all of the terminology but I didn’t know how to properly use fonts. This class required me to design with type, a task I thought a little impossible. I did not know the power of type. Every assignment forced me to think outside the box.

That class was very beneficial because now I see the world a little differently now. I look at menus and album covers and see what feeling I get from the font. Allowing the rest of the design to fade into the background. If the font on a menu made me hungry I knew it was conveying the right message. If a font on an album cover gives me an idea of what kind of music is on it I know its a good design.

A fun thing that I do is try to guess fonts. I don’t have a problem recognizing fonts but when it comes to naming them I have a little trouble. I can easily identify my favorite fonts Hobo Std and Helvetica and bad fonts like Comic sans and Apple Chancery.


Photo by Susan Yin on Unsplash

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