Time-Lapse Clouds

First Draft:

So I’ve been kind of busy lately with work and laziness…. 😉 But here’s a time lapse of me figuring out how to draw clouds with chalk pastels.

I’ve also been figuring out how to use iMovie.

Part Two:

My plan for this blog post was to have a time lapse of me drawing some simple clouds all sped up for your entertainment *cue curtsy* However, that is clearly not gonna happen.

I spent the better half of my day editing the video and photos I took on iMovie, of which I am a novice, and then trying to upload it, convert it into all sorts of video documents but it would not cooperate with me. So I will just tell you bout my experience instead:

Clouds are tricky little buggers, are they water are they air are they marshmallows? We will never know. They are quite trick to draw but once you understand that it’s just shadow and light I don’t think there is anything to worry about.


I think I often focus on the light lights and dark darks in a drawing or painting or any work of art, and of course these parts of a piece are important, they give it depth and dimension, but the midtones in an artwork are important too. For clouds, I don’t think you can skimp on the midtones, because you don’t just have the light part and the underneath shadow part of a cloud, but all the values vary in the middle the puffy thing as well.  I think that is something to work on as I practice drawing or painting clouds in the future.

Cloud pastels

Also classes start next week! I’m super excited to start my sophomore year!

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