Creative Ways

This week I’m back on campus for Resident Assistant training and we have a few arts and craft projects we need to do as a group. This year the theme is board games and the Woodlands Resident Assistants were given the Monopoly board game. Many of my coworkers are not very artistically inclined so this week I will be showing you possible and creative ways to do some of our programs together.

For example today we are making t-shirt design, which every year is very elaborate because we are being judged on them and we want to win. We are creating the monopoly man running past Go and have included a Chance question or Treasure Chest question on the back of our T-shirts. I have created a design and we all agree that will be great for all of our T-shirts. There are many ways to get this design on our t-shirt such as screen printing, using a light table to transfer the image, making a stencil. Our group decided that a stencil will work best in this aspect because we all can contribute. Were they done using screen printing I would be doing most of the work because the rest are not to familiar with the process. Please look at my last blog to see how to create a T-shirt design.

The stencil can be drawn in any way but our t-shirts were very thin this year so we decided to just draw our design on construction paper and darkem the lines with a black Sharpie. We placed our design on our shirts and traced the stencil with a pen, then filled it in with paint. Some of my coworkers used a pop of color in places wherever they wanted but most of us just had a black and white graphic shirt.

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