Busy Hands

As a 3D artist (or maybe just as an easily distractible person), I always have an urge to keep my hands busy. Most of the time, I’m fiddling with things without even realizing: no clickable pen, zipper, or bottle cap is safe. I can get quite annoying, very quickly. However, all of that nervous energy gets put to good use when I have an actual task to accomplish, like repotting plants with my sister.

This project became a necessity after we received small succulents as favors at my cousin’s wedding two weeks ago, and was given an extra push towards completion because of my time spent at a greenhouse themed restaurant/store with my boyfriend last weekend. I was feeling equally inspired by their floor-to-ceiling terrarium displays and upset that I couldn’t take all of the plants home with me immediately. When my sister asked to do “arts and crafts” with our succulents, I was excited to get started as it meant I could (a) buy more planters and (b) get my hands dirty.

Gardening is one of those activities that is almost meditative in how you connect with materials and care for living things through simple motions. The process of replanting the succulents was simple, but it was a relaxing way to ground myself and get back into the groove of creating on an otherwise lazy Sunday.

Featured Image: Jill Sibio, 2018

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