Where Light is Created

I figured it was about time to introduce you to my second home, so here is a just a small tour of Marywood Photography department. We are in the Studio Art building (Insalaco building). We have a gigananormous photography department (there is that word again). We have so many darkrooms that I have to count them using all my fingers from both hands!


This first picture is where we develop our film in developing tanks. If you are looking for a photography major start here first! We have a big table where everyone hangs, eats, studies, and even sees people doing other art projects here. See that big dark door thing in the background? Well be careful when the “open end” is on the other side, you MUST announce you are coming in! Oh don’t worry, it isn’t because you will get light on your film, it is because you can smash someone on the other side in the head trying to come through it in the dark (thanks for the scare, Meg)!

Above on the left is our matte cutting machine and bunch of paper cutters where you can do you own matting. Lol, this is a fun place to see people trying to figure out the math to do the cutting. On the right is what our Intermediate enlargers look like, they go all around the room in a U shape with a couple big sinks where our chemicals go. Most of the other darkrooms are very similar. We have a color darkroom as well. That one is in complete darkness, very fun when it is full of students bumping and banging into things.

Next time I will show you some more of my second home. If there is anything you would like to see just let me know.

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