Summer Goals

I’ve always been the kind of artist who likes to get projects in school, do them, and turn them in. But, I’ve been having a hard time putting aside time to make art for myself. Even when I have free time, it’s just so easy to turn on the tv and end up there for way too long.

Now that it is summer, I don’t have any school projects to do and I’ve started my summer job that I really like but it doesn’t really involve design. So, I have to try even harder to work on designing and making art. That’s why I have decided to make a list of goals to set for myself for the summer. It’s good, too, for me to share it here because it will push me to stick to it.

My Summer Goals SO FAR

  1. Work on calligraphy or hand lettering at least every two days.
  2. Produce at least 3 pieces of work I like every week.
  3. Have a table to sell my work at least one craft fair this summer.
  4. Put my work up on Pinterest.
  5. Make a couple music-analogies (like from our visual concepts class)

I really like to make hand-lettered/written quotes so that may explain most of the goals. I think that is what I want to work on the most this summer because I like to make them and give them to people.

So there’s the list! Now I have to get started on it!

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