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I’m going to take a wild guess here and assume that the person reading this post currently has an artwork that they have abandoned. Yeah, I’m talking about you, my fellow artist. Think about that one piece you were working on but can’t get back to it for some reason (or maybe because of some reasons you are making up). Hey, don’t worry. I don’t judge you. I’m in the same boat as you.

Well, that is why this article is dedicated to calling myself out on all those works that I have put as “work in process,” but honestly, they have been staying like that; half painted. Yeah, I have been saying I’m too busy to work on it, or I’m just not motivated right now. But in actuality, the joy I felt when brainstorming during the pre-drawing stages have disappeared. Somehow that spark all faded as I kept working on it. And it just happens that every time I’m unmotivated to continue that piece, I somehow have a new idea that I have to get down. I immediately start working on it, abandoning all the others, because I believe that this exact painting will be the best yet. Yeah… it never happens because the cycle keeps repeating just like that. I can’t be the only one who goes through these phases, am I?

The only times I have seen to finish a project is when I feel like there is an expectation of me that there is a due date waiting for it, and I’ll be evaluated on it. The last time I drew something by myself with no deadline, it took me almost a year to finish because I was procrastinating that badly. Now that I know (and you who are reading this know) my toxic trait, maybe I can use it to my advantage? Perhaps being held accountable to finish some of these drawings might finally be the push I needed.

As you can see, these two are the most adorable beings in my life: my babies, Bobo and Pompom. I wanted to dedicate these portraits to them. I started this in March of 2022… yeah I’m judging myself too. Leaving them unfinished like this would not be fair to them. Therefore, I started working on them immediately while drafting this article. And as I’m proofreading, I can proudly say that I did end up finishing one of the portraits and am almost done with the other.

I had been procrastinating over it for no reason. I think I can finish my work by giving myself a deadline with an expectation from others. This is why by posting the current projects I’m working on, I can motivate myself to finish them by the end of this summer. My current project, except for the cat portraits, is to finish a series of artworks for my upcoming exhibition in October. As much as I’m excited about it, I’m already tired of thinking about the work. So I hope you guys can hold me accountable for it!

That is it for my short blog; thank you for reading!

/ᐠ ̥  ̮  ̥ ᐟ\ฅ

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