Work In Progress: Movie Poster Redesign

Hello everyone! This week, I wanted to show some work in progress pictures for my movie poster redesign. This project is for my General Illustration 2 class and I chose to redesign the Captain America: Winter Soldier poster.

Drawing of Captain America's Shield and the Winter Soldier Arm
First Design

My goal for this poster is to do Captain America’s shield and have the Winter Soldier’s arm in the reflection of Cap’s shield. The designs both have stars incorporated and therefore I wanted to combine both into one design. The first design I came up with only consists of the shield and the arm.

Captain America Holding His Shield
Second Design

The second design I tried to incorporate Captain America himself into the poster and do the same thing with putting the reflection of Winter Soldier’s arm on the shield. I did scrap this one though because I didn’t really know where a title would go for this one.

Captain America With Shield
Final Design

The final design that I am going with and am going to do digitally is this one because I find this design is much more interesting to me. I decided to do a silhouette of Captain America and have him holding his shield with the reflection of Winter Soldier’s arm. I am going to put the title on the shield or put it underneath.

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