Works From a Theme

Recently, I had the opportunity to exhibit some of my work for the first time in any public setting, which was a very cool experience to have. The show in particular was centered around more or less “Halloween-esque” sorts of themes that resulted in a wide variety of submitted works. I was sort of in a relatively unfamiliar place when trying to work thematically, considering that most classroom setting projects are more concerned with more technical things, often times (not to suggest that there is an objective issue with technicality).

After a while of not really having any idea of what I would want to compile or produce for submission I settled on the idea of trying to create images that recalled somewhat spectral or ghost-like qualities. Initially my approach was more subtle, as would be the case with the bottom attached image where the shadowy figure and the surrounding areas blend into each other to nearly share equal compositional duties; but as I progressed through the project I found my inklings to emphasize the figure itself more drastically.

The three finished works, titled: “5”,”6″, and “7” (as a cheesy reference to a song by The Pixies) presented me with the opportunity to experiment with things that don’t often play a particularly huge role in my photography, namely the use of longer exposures to trail movement and the use of Photoshop outside of minor procedural adjustments. Most significantly, however, was the fact that this was just an extremely fun process, especially after I finally made up my mind about what I wanted my take on the prompt to be.


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