2018 has come and gone already, and it felt like a very short year. However, with the new year only just over a week in, things have been very interesting. Just the other day, my boyfriend and I were pulling out of my driveway when half of a tree from my front yard fell right in front of us as we were driving. Luckily, we are okay and there was no damage to his car.

Also, just after Christmas I was able to see my best friend of 14 years and give her her Christmas presents, which I had to photograph the one because it was just way too beautiful not to play with. Along with this holographic hoodie, I gave her a Japanese treat with a mascot too cute to forget.

Now, the spring semester is just a few days away and I am so excited to start up classes again because I missed campus so much! Below is a random photo of a reflection of a rainbow I took on because it was pretty! It is hard to see, but it is there.

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