Getting Knotty

I’m back to tying knots, but this time I invited friends. I got the chance to hold my very first macrame class. How exciting?!

Over the long boring weekends of being home, I got to share my macrame-ing skills with some friends from my hometown.

We got a group of 17 of us to get together and create some fun pieces. Everyone in the class got to create their very own wall hanging macrame, to take home.

In the class everyone learned the three basic knots, square knot, spiral knot and half hitch knot. We had a lot of laughs and some struggles, but it was so fun to share with others something I love to do. Everyone had a lot of fun, and I would love to hold another class.

I have a lot of fun doing things like this. The best part of it all is my whole family loves to help me out. My mom, made the most fun appetizers for my guest. My Grami, was a wonderful help with teaching others the knots when I was busy working with someone else. My sister, Taylor, used her teacher voice to keep us all in line.

I love crafting and sharing what I love with others makes my heart smile. I hope everyone who came enjoyed it and are admiring their wall hanging macrame in their home or dorm room.

Stay tuned for the next fun workshop my sister and I create.

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  1. Everyone had a really fun time learning an art that has made a big comeback! A huge THANK YOU to Maci (and her family) for turning an idea into a great afternoon! Can’t wait to see what you offer next!

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