New Year, New Art

Hello again everyone!

I hope your 2019 is off to a great start! For this week, I decided to spread some positivity and creative inspiration to really ensure this year is off to a positive start!

As artists, we tend to have people interested in having a piece of our style. Commissioned pieces are, as we all know, pieces people ask of us to do for them. There is usually payment involved, but for now I am more interested in the growing recognition of my work and style. That being said, I have been asked to paint a milk jug for a woman in my hometown. She owns her own business and has no use for an old milk jug in her backyard, so she thought she would have an artist repurpose it. That artist would be me!


A piece of a flag she had, given to me for inspiration

Upon reaching out to me, she explained that as a woman who owns her own business she wants to have something painted that reminds her of growth and strength. We both decided floral designs would do the trick. In art therapy, a lot of times symbolism and color choice, plays a role in how we interpret a clients art work. A lot of times, for me personally, flowers symbolize growth and renewal. Perfect for the New Year!!

Doing this commission at the very beginning of the year has reminded me to keep color in my life and always grow just a little higher than the year before! I hope these positive vibes have encouraged some of you to continue to keep growing and always have a splash of color!

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